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My Sonic and the Black Knight Story
By Sky-Mel-22

Chapter 1- Entering the Blacksmith's

The well known hero, Sonic the hedgehog eventually arrives at the Blacksmith's, with the legendary sword Caliburn in hand. Upon their arrival, they are soon greeted by the Blacksmith, or "Smithy", who looks very familiar to Sonic somehow.

SONIC: Hey, Tails! Buddy, is that you?... Nah, that must be the Smithy, right?
BLACKSMITH: It sure is. Welcome, Sir knight!
CALIBURN: He is no knight... At least, not yet he isn't.
SONIC: Hmph, says you!
BLACKSMITH: What a magnificent sword! I've never seen one that talks before!
SONIC: Oh it talks all right...
BLACKSMITH: Please, come in...

They go inside, blissfully unaware that a mysterious character also enters the Blacksmith's- He wears nothing but black with a few shades of cobalt blue, his facial features are completely hidden in a dark hood and scarf wrapped round his mouth, and he has two spectacular blades in their scabbards, waiting to be used.
Now inside, the stranger carefully watches Sonic intently.

BLACKSMITH: ...Well, I know a fine blade when I see it. I am a blacksmith after all.
SONIC: Great. Think you can sharpen this dull piece of rust?
CALIBURN: Fool! It is YOU who is dull.
BLACKSMITH: Of course I could. Now, what is the sword's name?
CALIBURN: Caliburn.
BLACKSMITH: Caliburn? Where have I heard that name before?...

All of a sudden, the hooded stranger pulls out his twin-swords and charges towards Sonic and Caliburn with a sense of pure rage.
Seeing this in the corner of his eye, the blue hedgehog, still with Caliburn in his hand, swings the sword to reflect the oncoming swords. The force of the stranger's sudden attack takes Sonic aback several paces, but he soon recovers and begins to fight the mysterious character.

BLACKSMITH: Please, stop! Not in here, someone will get hurt!
SONIC: Somehow, I think this guy doesn't care about that!
CALIBURN: Focus! Whoever this is, they are extremely strong!
SONIC: You think!

Sonic carries on fighting, and then, at the right possible time, he blocks the latest swings the stranger had dealt, giving him a small amount of time to talk.

SONIC: Who are you... Why are you doing this? Are you working for King Arthur?

The mysterious person completely ignored him and continued to attack, swinging both of his swords with extreme skill. Despite being only a Knave, Sonic managed to match the stranger blow for blow, surprising himself and even Caliburn.
Just then, from nowhere, the hooded character kicked Sonic hard on his left leg, making him lose his focus. That gave the stranger a perfect opportunity to strike- He swung one of his swords so hard, it made Sonic drop Caliburn out of his hand, and the sheer force of it sent Caliburn spinning in the air shortly before it landed, pointed-end-down, into the ground.

SONIC: Oh, boy...

Chapter 02- The stranger reveals all

We last left our speedy blue hero Sonic the hedgehog in quite a predicament-
He was now at the mercy of the mysterious hooded newcomer, armed with his lovely yet very sharp looking twin-swords, while Sonic's legendary sword Caliburn watched anxiously, along with the Blacksmith.
The hooded stranger was getting ready to slay Sonic when Caliburn suddenly noticed something strangely familiar about the swords the stranger was using.
Just as he was about to strike, Caliburn cried out;

CALIBURN: Enough of this, both of you!

The legendary sword spoke to the stranger, who stopped his attack in an instant.

CALIBURN: You there, how did you come by those sacred swords!
They are the Aurora-Rai, a set of fabled swords that belong only to the Lady Guinevere!
SONIC: Huh...Who the heck is Guinevere?
CALIBURN: Lady Guinevere is a noble and virtuous woman, she was formerly a Knight of the Round Table, but ever since King Arthur changed into the Black Knight, she immediately rebelled against him to help the people and to try and restore the land of Camelot...
SONIC: She sounds like my kinda woman!

The stranger, in shock at what he had just heard, finally spoke to them;

STRANGER: How... How do you know so much?!
CALIBURN: I know legendary swords when I see them, I am one myself, after all...
SONIC: Yeah, and you sure don't shut up about it!
CALIBURN: Insolent whelp!

Caliburn once again spoke to the mysterious stranger after being so rudely interrupted;

CALIBURN: "Ahem!" As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted...
Lady Guinevere has been missing for a long period of time now, and I fear the worst has happened to her, since the Aurora-Rai are in someone else's possession!

The hooded stranger put his swords back into their scabbards, and said;

STRANGER: There is no need to fear for her, I can tell you with confidence that she is alive and well...
SONIC: How do you seriously expect us to believe you? For all we know, you're probably lying to us through your teeth!...
If you have any, I mean...
It's hard to tell through that hood...
CALIBURN: We need more than your word to believe you, sir.
What actual proof do you have?

The mysterious stranger seemed to snigger slightly as he began to take-off his hood, bit by bit.

STRANGER: You want proof, do you?
Well then, I shall show you all the proof that you will ever need!

As he finally removed the hood, everyone in the room gasped in utter shock at the sight before them, especially Sonic!...

SONIC: No way!!

Chapter 03- The Lady Guinevere returns

In the last chapter of my story, Sonic the hedgehog, the Blacksmith, and the legendary sword Caliburn were all shocked and surprised to see the mysterious hooded stranger remove his hood to reveal his, or rather HER, true identity-
It was in fact the Lady Guinevere herself (Sky the echidna)!

SONIC: No way... Sky! How... When...?
GUINEVERE: What are you talking about?
CALIBURN: Forgive this Knave, my lady. He has merely mistaken you for someone else.
GUINEVERE: That's alright. Are you sure he is a Knave? He fought with such skill earlier, much like a real knight!
SONIC: Thanks, lady! You've got some skills, too!
GUINEVERE: Thank you. A knight such as myself must learn these very skills to vanquish all evil-doers, especially the Black Knight.
CALIBURN: My lady, I must ask this-
Where have you been all this time? Merlina fears that the Black Knight is growing so much stronger than before. Even more so now that he possesses the scabbard of Excalibur, and has summoned the Knights of the Underworld.

Guinevere, with her head forlornly facing the floor, took a deep breath, and explained to them the situation;

GUINEVERE: I have been doing what I always have done- Protecting the people from the dark forces, and also trying to find the long lost "Light of the Sacred Sword". I believe with that light, a knight can destroy any evil and restore peace to this land...
SONIC: No offence, 'Guinny', but we've been fighting these knights for a while now, and there's been no signs of you anywhere.
CALIBURN: Don't be rude! Remember, you are talking to a lady!
SONIC: Okay, Okay. I'm sorry... But I'm right about the last part, right?
GUINEVERE: Please do not call me "Guinny"!
Anyway... I have to keep my identity a secret, because if the King or any of the Knights of the Round Table should ever find out, then all hopes of getting rid of the evil king will be ruined and there will be no-one left to save Camelot!
SONIC: Aren't you forgetting something? What about me? Why d'you think I was summoned here in the first place! I'm gonna slay the Black Knight and fix this mess!
GUINEVERE: But how? You're not even a real Knight!
What will you do if you come across one of the Knights of the Round Table-
Lancelot, Gawain, or Percival! Or all three of them at once?
They are all loyal to the king, and they WILL slay you on sight, without question!
SONIC: I'd like to see them try. With my speed, they'll have a good time trying to swing their swords in time to hit me with them! You'll see!

Lady Guinevere's attitude soon changed, and she said to Sonic in frustration;

GUINEVERE: Please do not jest, Knave, this is serious!... I don't know what else to do!
While the King grows more powerful by the hour, we who fight against him grow fewer by the second!
I may be the only one left to defend the people and Camelot itself, and I will gladly do that till my last breath!
If you do not wish to help us, Knave, then I suggest you should go back to wherever it is you came from!!

Guinevere turned away from them in anger, and was about to exit the Blacksmith's when all of a sudden, she could feel someone grab her arm to stop her from leaving the room-               It was Sonic.

SONIC: I'm sorry, Guinevere. I didn't mean to joke about it...
I was sent here by Merlina to help, and that's exactly what I'm gonna do! If you want my help, that is...
GUINEVERE: I would appreciate it. After all, there is no-one else...
Thank you, Knave.
SONIC: Hey, enough of calling me Knave! Call me Sonic, Sonic the hedgehog.
GUINEVERE: Very well, Sonic.
CALIBURN: Aren't you forgetting something, my young Knave?
We first must find "The Lady of the Lake".
That was our objective in the first place, and once the Blacksmith kindly sharpens my blade, we can set off to the forest.
SONIC: Oh, right...
Well, once I find the Lady of the Lake, then I can help you with...

Suddenly, they could hear hundreds of footsteps form outside, coming from all around. Then, a deep booming voice also came from outside- It was the Black Knight, King Arthur!

ARTHUR: Come on out, Guinevere! We know you are in there, my lady, so you might as well show yourself to save you any more disgrace. If you refuse to co-opperste with me, then your precious people shall face the consequences for your actions!!

Chapter 04- The Black Knight Cometh!

Last time in my story, Sonic, Caliburn, the Blacksmith, and Lady Guinevere were trapped inside of the Blacksmith's house, which was surrounded on the outside by Knights of the Underworld, and their evil leader, the Black Knight A.K.A King Arthur.
He bellowed to them in an impatient manner;

ARTHUR: Well... What shall it be, Lady Guinevere-
Surrender to me, or you and your friends shall suffer at my hands!

Lady Guinevere heard what the dark king said, and knew she had to do something fast to stop him, because she knew that he was not bluffing and would do exactly what he said he would.
So she placed her scarf and hood back on to conceal her identity once more, removed the Aurora-Rai from their scabbards with haste, and made her way to the door.
Before she did, she said to Sonic and Caliburn;

GUINEVERE: Here is the plan-
I shall create a diversion, which should give you plenty of time to escape from here and continue with your quest to find the Lady of the Lake...
SONIC: Woah, woah, woah! Wait just a minute, you can't just give yourself up to that creep and his army!
That's exactly what he wants you to do!!
CALIBURN: I'm afraid I have to agree with Sonic this time, my lady.
Your plan is far too dangerous, even for an experienced Knight such as yourself.
GUINEVERE: I am fully aware of the dangers, but I can handle them, I assure you.
And besides, what makes you think I am going to simply surrender to the Black Knight?
I am a Knight, and I will fight to restore the King, and also restore justice to Camelot!

Guinevere then turned to face the Blacksmith and asked him with a kind tone of voice;

GUINEVERE: Blacksmith, will you please check to make sure that they make it out of here safely and with no complications?
BLACKSMITH: I will, Lady Guinevere. You have my word.
GUINEVERE: Thank you, young "Smithy".
I shall do everything within my power to stop the Black Knight and his army from coming in here and harming you.
BLACKSMITH: I know you will, my lady, I trust you!

Guinevere smiled back at him, and then turned back to face Sonic & Caliburn for the final time. The look on her face seemed to tell Sonic that he need not worry about her welfare.

GUINEVERE: Sonic, be careful out there...
And good luck with your quest.
SONIC: You too, "Guinny"... Err, I mean Lady Guinevere.

Sonic placed his left hand on his chest and bowed his head nobly.

CALIBURN: Take care, my lady.
GUINEVERE: Thank you.
Fare thee well, Sonic the hedgehog. You would make an excellent Knight.

Lady Guinevere opened the door and left the Blacksmith's.
Sonic was still concerned for her safety since she resembled the woman he loves, Sky the echidna, in looks and personality.
Caliburn saw this, and decided to say something to the blue hedgehog;

CALIBURN: Listen, Sonic. There is no need for you to worry.
Just as Lady Guinevere explained to you, she can handle the Black Knight with little difficulty.
You should be more concerned with your quest-
We need to get to the forest, there, we will discover the Lady of the Lake, and hopefully, the means to stop the Black Knight once and for all!
SONIC: Yeah, I know. It's just that...
She reminds me of a girl back on my world... C'mon, let's finish this quest!
BLACKSMITH: Here is your way out. Good luck!
SONIC: Thanks, kid!

Sonic exits the Blacksmith's, armed with a newly sharpened Caliburn, and sets off towards the forest in search of the Lady of the Lake.

Chapter 05- Guinevere, betrayed!

Last chapter, we saw Sonic the hedgehog and Caliburn escape the Blacksmith's place, while the Lady Guinevere fought the Black Knight (A.K.A King Arthur) and his army of Knights of the Underworld on her own to distract them and to give Sonic the opportunity to escape undetected.

The bewitched king stopped to watch Guinevere continuing to defeat countless evil knights, and he seemed to enjoy what he was witnessing since it seemed however many of them she disposed of, the many more that replaced them. Despite realising all of this herself, Lady Guinevere bravely carried on with the onslaught, although it was wearing her out slightly.
Finally, the Black Knight spoke to her;

ARTHUR: This is your final warning, Lady Guinevere! Your disguise has not fooled me, and neither will this façade to let that blue menace escape.
If you think that miserable excuse of a Knight is able to stop me, you are sorely mistaken, my lady!
GUINEVERE: Do not be so sure of yourself, 'Sire'.
You WILL get your comeuppance, by Sir Sonic's hand...
ARTHUR: That wretch is not fit enough to be a Knight!
Even if he were, he would be no match for me, or my three Knights of the Round Table!...
He's barley even a match for my Knights of the Underworld!
GUINEVERE: If he is not a threat to you, as you keep telling me so constantly, then why do you send your traitorous Knights after him so often?
You can not honestly tell me that you are not a least a little bit afraid that maybe, just maybe, he will succeed!

As she continued with fighting the Knights of the Underworld, the Black Knight, who was burning with rage over Guinevere's last comment, jumped off his dark horse, charged towards her, sword in hand, and while she was obviously distracted, he slashed her on the side of her waist.
She screamed out in pain as she fell to the ground on her knees, whilst clutching the wound.

GUINEVERE: Aaagghh! N-nnghh... That was a dirty trick, especially from you!
ARTHUR: I warned you not to mess with me, dear lady. Now, you shall die by my hand!...

The Black Knight was about to slay Guinevere when just then, a voice, which came from behind him, stopped the evil king-
It was none other than the King's most powerful and loyal knight of all, Sir Lancelot!

LANCELOT: Your majesty, may I suggest you have a different punishment in mind for the traitor...
GUINEVERE: The only traitor here is YOU, Lancelot! You... Nnghh...
You are supposed to protect the people from all evil, you're not supposed to join forces with them!
You may call me the traitor, but what exactly are you!
LANCELOT: Listen to me, wench- We may have been allies in the past, but you betrayed the King, and...
GUINEVERE: Do NOT speak to me about betrayal!
I, of all people, know what it is like to be betrayed by someone I thought was a friend, by the one man who used to mean more than that to me, before YOU betrayed ME...

Guinevere paused as she struggled to rise to her feet, and then walked up to Sir Lancelot, never taking her eyes off his for a single moment.

GUINEVERE: ... Have you forgotten already, about what you did to me? If you have, that only makes you a bigger coward than I always thought of you to be!

Lancelot stormed towards the noble woman, with his sacred sword Arondight at the ready, and made an attempt to strike her with it, but was taken aback when Guinevere, one step ahead of him, reflected the attack with her two fine blades, the Aurora-Rai.
The armoured black hedgehog then grabbed her right arm and dragged her to the direction of the Black Knight.

GUINEVERE: Ack! Let go... Let go  of me! LANCELOT!!

Sir Lancelot ignored her cries and then said to his King and master;

LANCELOT: Sire, although I would prefer to stick to tradition and have her slain for her deception by rebelling, I think the best thing to do at this moment in time is to throw her away into one of your dungeons.
There,she would not be able to escape, even more so now that she is injured.
She can also keep your 'other traitorous prisoner' company...

The Black Knight thought for a brief moment, and then said to his finest Knight;

ARTHUR: Very well then, Lancelot.
While I deal with the lady here, I want you to go to the forest and deal with that troublesome hedgehog before he causes more problems for us!
LANCELOT: As you wish, your highness!

So, the Black Knight leaves with his army, along with the injured Guinevere, while Sir Lancelot carried out his mission.

Chapter 06- Inside the dungeon cells_Part 1

Picking up from the last chapter, Lady Guinevere had fought the Knights of the Underworld so that Sonic and Caliburn could escape from the clutches of the evil Black Knight, King Arthur.
In doing so, she was injured by King Arthur himself, and he was about to finish her off when his most loyal knight Sir Lancelot suggested that he should put her in the dungeon, and that's just what he did.

Now inside of the dreary dungeon, the Black Knight threw the injured Lady Guinevere into one of the cells, and he then turned to face her and said;

ARTHUR: You may as well make yourself comfortable, my lady, for you will remain here for the rest of your days. You were very lucky that my dear Sir Lancelot seemed to have some pity, for I would not have been so caring towards you! ...
GUINEVERE: You are all heart!

He turned away from her and was walking out of the room, but not before he angered her more by placing her precious twin-swords, the Aurora-Rai, inside a large chest with another unique sword, and closed it.
Then, he made one last remark to her;

ARTHUR: ... Oh, one more thing before I go...
Lancelot is heading for the lake as we speak, and when he confronts your blue friend, that hedgehog is as good as dead! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

The Black Knight left the room, his cold laugh bellowed through the room.
Guinevere picked herself up and quickly saw to her wound on the side of her body-

She checked it to see how deep it was (the wound was actually pretty deep, more so than she had realised), then she took off the scarf that was wrapped round her mouth and wrapped that around her wound tightly to stop the bleeding and to keep it from being infected.
Guinevere was about to figure a way to get out of the cell she was trapped inside when suddenly, she could hear a voice coming from further down the cell. She found it very hard to tell who it was, with the room being so dimly lit;

UNKNOWN: Hey, are you alright? I witnessed everything that just happened...
That Black Knight sure is a creep!
GUINEVERE: Who... Who are you?
UNKNOWN: My name is Sir Galahad, what's your name?
GUINEVERE: I am Lady Guinevere...
If you are indeed a Knight, why don't you try to escape from this terrible place?

At this time, she started walking towards where Sir Galahad's voice was coming from to see him for the first time-

He was an armoured young white hedgehog (Silver the hedgehog), who was also chained to the wall with what appeared to be normal chains, but were far worse.

GALAHAD: I would have done much sooner, if I were able to...

*He shook the chains, which made them glow an eerie shade of purple.*

GALAHAD: ... The chains have some kind of evil enchantment set on them, stopping me from breaking them!
The King placed them on me when I refused to accomplish a mission for him!

Guinevere carefully studied them, and then she said;

GUINEVERE: ... I have an idea- Galahad, when I say so, pull them as hard as you possibly can, alright?
GALAHAD: Okay... But are you sure you are able to do this? After all, you are hurt...
GUINEVERE: I appreciate your concern, but please do not worry.
Now, on the count of three, pull. One... Two... THREE!

The pair began to pull at the enchanted chains with every ounce of strength they had in their bodies, stopping briefly then continuing to pull in a routine.
Eventually, the chains broke and Sir Galahad was finally free!

GALAHAD: At last, I am free!
I could not have done this without your help, dear lady, and I humbly thank you!
GUINEVERE: It was my pleasure to help a fellow Knight in distress.
Now all that is left to be done is to retrieve my swords and escape from here, but how?....

Chapter 07- Inside the dungeon cells_Part 2

In the last chapter, Lady Guinevere was now trapped inside of the castle dungeon with (what seemed to be) no ways of escaping.
But her 'Knight in shining armour' came in the form of Sir Galahad, who was chained-up by the evil Black Knight, but with Guinevere's help, he was soon free.

Now they just needed to find a way to escape from their cell, retrieve their sacred swords, and to get out of Castle Camelot in one piece. Not the most difficult of tasks for distinguished Knights such as themselves, but with Guinevere injured and both of them unarmed, it will be tricky but not impossible.

GUINEVERE: There must be a way we can do this without any complications...
What if one of us distracts the Knights of the Underworld while the other collects the swords?
GALAHAD: That's crazy! You expect us to challenge them unarmed?!
GUINEVERE: I know it is a dangerous task, and I would never force you to do anything you wish not to do, Galahad...
That is why I propose that I should distract them while you retrieve our sacred swords.
GALAHAD: I am not worried about facing them on my own, my lady.
I am more concerned for your safety, what with you already injured, it would be fool-hardy to even think about facing so many Knights of the Underworld, especially if you have no weapons!
GUINEVERE: That is why I am merely distracting them.
I realize I may be limited due to my wound, but once you find the swords, then we will have the advantage against them!

Sir Galahad thought for a moment-
He knew that, deep down in his mind, Guinevere did had a point. Either way, it seemed to be the only possible option, and more time for thinking was out of the question at this point, so he said reluctantly;

GALAHAD: Alright, Guinevere. I hope this plan of yours works...
GUINEVERE: First things first, let's get out of this cell, then we can begin.

They both used their combined strength to break down the cell door, and then they split-up to carry out their own objectives.

Sir Galahad watched as dozens of Knights of the Underworld chased after Lady Guinevere, giving him the perfect opportunity to find and retrieve the swords.
He searched for a while, in every space and corner, but to no avail.
Then, he noticed a large chest near the cell, so he walked up to it, and opened it to find what he was searching for- The Aurora-Rai, and his own Silver sword, and their scabbards.
Galahad grabbed them and went after Guinevere and the evil Knights. He could see the Knights searching for her, looking in any space she could have squeezed into.
What they didn't know was that Guinevere was cleverly hiding behind the door they entered through. She quietly sneaked past them and locked and bolted the door to trap them all inside.

GALAHAD: Ha! Now you know what it feels like to be trapped!

He then turned to Lady Guinevere whilst handing her the Aurora-Rai;

GALAHAD: I think it's time we made our way out of here, my lady!
GUINEVERE: I agree, sir knight!

So, the two noble knights ran of the castle, slaying each knight of the underworld they passed.

Once out of castle Camelot and safely into a secluded part of the forest, Sir Galahad said to the fair lady next to him;

GALAHAD: I could never have done this without your help, dear lady, and I thank you!

He took her left hand (the other had one of the Aurora-Rai held firmly) and he kissed it chivalrously.
Guinevere smiled and then she replied;

GUINEVERE: It was my pleasure, Sir Galahad. You were brilliant back there.
So, what will you do now that you are free?
GALAHAD: I am not sure... Maybe continue with helping others in need, like yourself. Farewell, Lady Guinevere. Until we meet again...

Galahad was about to leave when suddenly, Guinevere stopped him and said;

GUINEVERE: Wait, Sir Galahad. Would you consider joining me in helping my friend, Sonic, defeating the Black Knight?
We could use all the help we can get!
GALAHAD: Of course I will...
And besides, I would like to meet this new Knight!

So, they set off deeper into the forest to find Sonic and Caliburn.

Chapter 08- Sir Lancelot Appears/In The Forest

Last chapter, Lady Guinevere and Sir Galahad used their combined skills and they escaped from the dungeons of castle Camelot.
Now, they were making their way to the forest in search of Sonic the hedgehog and the legendary sword Caliburn, to assist them in finding a way to defeat the 'immortal' Black Knight, King Arthur.
What they did not know was that Sonic and Caliburn had almost arrived at the lake when suddenly, Sonic skidded to a halt when he saw a mysterious figure standing in the middle of their path.
The stranger said to Sonic with a cold tone of voice;

UNKNOWN: I have found you, Apprentice Knight! Enemy of my King!
SONIC: Who the heck are you? ... Shadow?
UNKNOWN: I am Lancelot, Knight of the Round Table.
I challenge you to a duel!
SONIC: Hmph! Some things never change.
CALIBURN: What do you mean by that?
SONIC: Oh nothing... Its just that he looks like trouble.

Lancelot, growing ever impatient, pointed his sacred sword, known as Arondight, at them and demanded;

LANCELOT: What shall it be? Will you abandon your sword and flee?
SONIC: Sounds good to me!
CALIBURN: Fool! A knight never flees a foe!
LANCELOT: May I have your name, Apprentice Knight?
CALIBURN: He is Knave the Hedgehog, and he accepts your challenge.
SONIC: Hey, wait just a second!
LANCELOT: Very well then.
Brace yourself, Knave the Hedgehog...

Suddenly, Lancelot charged towards Sonic with amazing speed, but the blue hedgehog was one step ahead of him and he managed to easily block his attack.
Despite Lancelot being the more experienced of the two, Sonic was proving to be quite skilled himself.
The two of them dealt blow after blow, and were very evenly matched.
As he approached again, Sonic swung Caliburn just as Lancelot came within range.
This sent Sir Lancelot staggering back, giving Sonic the opportunity to follow up with a few more swings before he swiftly leapt back and finished him off with a powerful, yet accurate, blow.

Sonic's last attack made Sir Lancelot crash to the ground with a nasty thud. The heroic blue hedgehog walked up to Sir Lancelot and said to the defeated Knight;

SONIC: You know, you remind me of someone-
This guy from my world, he's strong, arrogant, and cocky, just like you!
LANCELOT: You were lucky, that is all! ...
I would not usually lose to a mere Apprentice Knight without good reason!
SONIC: Man, you even sound like him!
CALIBURN: Sonic, we must proceed to find the Lady of the Lake.
SONIC: Right. *He turned to face Lancelot* I hope we can have a re-match someday...

Sonic took Lancelot's sacred sword, Arondight, and he along with Caliburn continued towards the lake, leaving Sir Lancelot behind to contemplate his humiliating defeat at Sonic's hand.

Meanwhile, coincidentally not too far away form where the last battle took place, Lady Guinevere and Sir Galahad were walking deeper into the forest.
As Galahad reached a path with several choices to go, he was about to figure out which way to go to next when all of a sudden, Galahad could see that Guinevere was walking a lot slower than usual and, as she finally reached to where he stood, he asked her in concern;

GALAHAD: Are you alright, my lady? You look a little pale...
GUINEVERE: I am fine, thank you for your concern, Galahad.
I am just a little tired, that is all... Nnghh!...

Guinevere paused-
She leaned against a nearby tree, clutching her waist where her painful looking injury was. Galahad soon noticed what the actual problem was.

GALAHAD: Your wound... It's still bleeding?!
GUINEVERE: It is nothing, really. It only looks worse then it actually is... Nnnghh!

She tried to reassure the young Knight, despite gritting her teeth through the obvious pain she seemed to be going through.
Galahad's concerns grew, but she assured him;

GUINEVERE: Do not look so worried. I will be fine...
I have had worse injuries than this before! I am a Knight, I am used to this.
GALAHAD: If you are sure...

She placed her other hand on his shoulder, and replied;

GUINEVERE: I am sure. Now, which way do we go?
GALAHAD: I think the lake is that way (Pointing to the left path).
What do you think, my lady?
GUINEVERE: I agree. Let us go now, before it is too late!

Galahad and Guinevere made their decision and they proceeded to walk down the left path.
But after a while, Guinevere once again began to walk slowly, but now she appeared to be breathing harshly, as if out of breath. Galahad saw this and asked;
GALAHAD: My lady, I really think that you should rest now...
GUINEVERE: No, there is no need... Really, I just... U-unggh...!

Galahad noticed that her ocean blue eyes had rolled back and her lashes fluttered shut. Her whole body was almost set to collapse when Galahad quickly grabbed her and she slumped into his arms, unconscious.

Sir Galahad stood there, supporting the female Knight in his arms, and he immediately realized he had to act fast-
The young Knight held Lady Guinevere tightly in both arms and he raced through the thick forest urgently to hopefully find someone who might be able to help before her condition worsened.

Chapter 10- A Knight's Duty

In the last chapter, Sonic finally met with Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. She gave him three tasks to prove how good a Knight he is, and so, he went to complete those tasks.

CALIBURN: It's close, but it seems you somehow made it...
SONIC: Too easy, piece of Cake!
CALIBURN: Just don't let it go to your head, fool!...

Suddenly, Sonic stops in his tracks. Concerned, Caliburn asked him;

CALIBURN: ... What's wrong?

There, sitting on the ground, was a little kid who was weeping uncontrollably for an unknown reason.

KID: WAAAA! *cries*

Sonic walks up to the upset youngster and asks;

SONIC: Hey! What's the matter? Are you lost or something?
KID: A great big dragon attacked my village!
SONIC: A dragon?!
KID: It took my Mommy and my Daddy and everybody away! *cries*

Sonic assures him by saying;

SONIC: You know where the dragon is, kid?
KID: It's in the big cave, at the bottom of that mountain.
SONIC: All right, I'm on it!

Caliburn immediately hesitates, and says to the heroic blue hedgehog;

CALIBURN: Wait, don't tell me you're going off to slay a dragon now!
SONIC: Yes, we are!
CALIBURN: What of the Lady's tests? You'll never make it in time...
SONIC: Yeah, maybe...
But I play by my own rules- Remember that!
CALIBURN: You fool!
SONIC: Hang in there kiddo... I'll get your folks back!

And, in a flash, Sonic and Caliburn set off to the mountain and the cave of the dragon.

Meanwhile, Sir Galahad tried desperately to find anyone to help him find his way to the lake, and also to revive the injured Lady Guinevere.
As he saw a mysterious stranger who he thought could help, the young Knight soon realized his mistake as the mysterious person turned out to be none other than Sir Lancelot!

GALAHAD: YOU! What are you doing here? Haven't you caused enough trouble!
LANCELOT: I actually came here to dispose of the blue menace who willingly defies my King...
But since you are here, I will take care of you first!

Lancelot stood in his fighting pose, since he lost his legendary sword, Arondight, to Sonic during their previous battle, he was unarmed yet still very powerful.
Sir Galahad placed Guinevere down carefully, leaning her lifeless body against a nearby tree.
Then, he got out his Silver sword, ready to face him, but he soon noticed he had no weapon;

GALAHAD: Wait... How can you fight without a sword?
LANCELOT: Who needs a sword...!

Just then, the dark Knight charged towards Galahad, and delivered a swift kick to the chest, catching the young Knight off-guard and left him gasping for breath.
As Lancelot walked up to Galahad, neither of them realised that Lady Guinevere was slowly starting to wake up. When she opened her eyes, she could see Sir Lancelot and Sir Galahad fighting each other.
She then saw Lancelot take Galahad's sword away from him, and pointing it at the young Knight;

LANCELOT: You see-
I am a Knight of the Round Table, and you are nothing more than an inexperienced novice!
Now... I shall slay you, for the good of the King!

Lady Guinevere could see what was about to happen, and just as Sir Lancelot was about to strike, from out of nowhere, he and Galahad could hear a scream;


They both turned to see Guinevere-
She used every last ounce of energy from inside her and ran towards them. She stepped right in front of Sir Galahad, much to the shock of him and Lancelot.

GUINEVERE: Lancelot, stop! Don't you... Nnghh... Don't you dare hurt him!
GALAHAD: Guinevere! But how?!
LANCELOT: Hmph! You are in no fit state to threaten me, wench!
Once I have slain the boy, you will be next! ...
But in your condition, that should not take too long!
GUINEVERE: You will not slay me...
Not today, not ever! Do you know why?...
LANCELOT: Very well, my lady, enlighten me...
GUINEVERE: Remember the day we first met?
We were both young, stubborn, naive Knights in training...
Everything we went through then, and have been through since... Does any of that mean something to you!?

Sir Lancelot pondered for a moment, thinking about what she had said, and after a while, he coldly replied;

LANCELOT: That was then, Guinevere, and this is now! Nothing else you can say to me now will make me change my mind!

Despite his harsh words, the female Knight carried on, desperate to try and convince him. Just then, she thought of the very thing;

GUINEVERE: What about that time, a few years ago... And you were poisoned?...

Lancelot's expression soon changed. He knew exactly what moment she was referring to, but he said nothing.
Guinevere carried on;

GUINEVERE: ...You were so close to death, but who helped you when there was no-one else? Who nursed you back to health? Me, that's who!
I saved your life because I... I... Nnngh!...

She paused, still in agony over her wound, but she tried to keep herself upright without assistance. She took a deep breath, and then continued without once keeping her ocean blue eyes off his gaze;

GUINEVERE: ... Because I loved you!

Sir Lancelot's eyes widened in sheer shock and surprise at her remark. Sir Galahad was also as surprised by what she said.

GUINEVERE: Do not look so shocked, Lancelot...
You know as well as I that we both felt that same way about each other at one point in time. But ever since what you did with Elaine...
I was furious with you, and I thought I could never forgive you after that, but even now... I'm not so sure anymore!... 'Sniff!'...

Lady Guinevere had to stop, to wipe the tears that were running down her face.
Lancelot stared at the beautiful female Knight-
He had never heard her confess her feelings in this way before, it completely shocked him to his very core.

Sir Galahad walked up to her and he placed his hand on her shoulder, asking her;

GALAHAD: Are you okay, my lady?

Guinevere nodded, too emotional to speak at that moment.
Not knowing what he should do, Sir Lancelot stood there, while Sir Galahad and Lady Guinevere awaited his next move....

Chapter 11- Sir Gawain Appears/Sir Lancelot & Lady Guinevere

Taking place after the last chapter, Sonic and Caliburn were getting closer to the cave where the dragon was apparently holding several villagers hostage.
As the mountain and the cave were in plain sight, Sonic suddenly noticed someone standing in his path.
He skidded to a halt only to see another of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, the noble Sir Gawain!
Reminding him of a certain scarlet echidna he knows, Sonic started by saying;

SONIC: I don't suppose you are going to let me by?
Ha! You look just like this knuckle-head I know.
GAWAIN: Ho! You dare mock Sir Gawain, Knight of the Round Table?
An act most unwise my friend...
SONIC: Wait, I'm not trying to pick a fight with you.
I was heading to a cave to save some people from a dragon...
GAWAIN: Ha! You cannot fool me with your lies!
No doubt you are after the dragon's treasure!
SONIC: Oh man, you even SOUND just like that knuckle-head too!
GAWAIN: You have defied King Arthur-
This place shall be your grave!

All of a sudden, Sir Gawain charged towards Sonic with his Twin Swords, but Sonic soon dodged the attack. Despite Gawain being more powerful and experienced, he lacked speed and finnese, so Sonic found it easier to dodge and fight more so than when he faced Sir Lancelot.
The battle was surprisingly quick, and when it was over, Sir Gawain was consumed with outrage and shame after his defeat;
GAWAIN: ... To lose, to a mere apprentice! I have been disgraced!
Only death can remove this stain upon my honour...

Suddenly, Sonic takes the twin swords away from Gawain and tells him;

SONIC: Give me a break! What's up with all this drama?!
GAWAIN: Silence! Silence I say!
A knight that fails their king is unfit to live!!
SONIC: Isn't there more to being a knight than serving a King?
SONIC: I'm out of here! People to save, you know...

So, Sonic and Caliburn set off for the cave and the dragon.

Meanwhile, Sir Galahad and Lady Guinevere are caught in an awkward situation, to say the least-
Sir Lancelot stood in their way, deciding their fare where they all stood.
Galahad is now weaponless because Lancelot stole his Silver sword and now uses it against him, while Guinevere was still injured after a previous battle with the Black Knight, and was struggling to stay conscious.

After a sudden confession from Lady Guinevere, Lancelot is at a loss about what to do next. But what he did next completely shocked them all-
He walked up to Guinevere, grabbed her with both hands, and pulled her away from the tree which she leaned against.
Thinking he was about to harm her, Sir Galahad rushed towards Lancelot and was just about to punch him when Lancelot ruthless pushed the young Knight aside;

LANCELOT: Stay out of this, boy!...

Going back to Lady Guinevere, he stared at her pretty face and said to her;

LANCELOT: Guinevere, I am going to do something I should have done a long time ago!...

He pulled her closer to him and he kissed her tenderly on the lips, for a few seconds at the most.
When he stopped and let her go, he could see that Guinevere was numb with a mixture of shock and sheer surprise;

GUINEVERE: Lancelot! I... I... Unngh...

Just then, the lady fainted-
She fell to the floor, unconscious and now in a much worse state than before, due to her wound and the shock of what had just happened.
Sir Lancelot quickly grabbed her and he turned to Sir Galahad, who had now picked himself up after Lancelot's attack earlier, and said to him;

LANCELOT: If you want her to live, then you had better follow me now to the lake. Only then will she have a chance of survival!

Galahad nodded, and so the three Knights set off for the lake in haste.

Chapter 12- Revival/A Knight's Lesson

Taking place after the previous chapter, Sirs Lancelot and Galahad were racing through the forest in search of the Lady of the Lake, in the hopes of healing the Lady Guinevere, who was badly wounded by the Black Knight.
Lancelot carried her tightly in his arms-
Since the events earlier; From his fight with Galahad, to the confession from Guinevere, her words had made him see sense, and he now made it his mission to revive his former love before she dies from her injury.

Eventually, they arrived at the lake, but there were no signs of life anywhere at all.
This worried Sir Galahad terribly!

GALAHAD: Oh, great! What do we do now?
LANCELOT: We wait...
GALAHAD: Wait... For what!?
LANCELOT: For the one who can heal Guinevere before...

Sir Lancelot was interrupted by a luminous glow that engulfed the entire lake.
Galahad had to shield his eyes while Lancelot simply squinted whilst still holding on to Lady Guinevere.
Once the glow had faded, there stood Nimue, the Lady of the Lake. She said to the two knights;

NIMUE: Welcome, brave knights...

She soon noticed Sir Lancelot was carrying Guinevere in his arms, she walked up to him and she inspected the female knight's vicious wound.

NIMUE: Hmm... This is awful. It is truly a miracle that she is still alive!
Still, I can do something about it-
Place her on the ground, then I can begin...

Lancelot did as requested, and he gently placed her onto the ground.
Nimue knelt beside Guinevere and, with just one touch, she and Guinevere began to glow.

Several moments later, it had faded. Both Lancelot and Galahad were both shocked at what they saw-

Guinevere had not only been healed, but her clothes had changed;
She now had armour, a different dress, but she still had her swords, the Aurora Rai.

LANCELOT: Guinevere?!
GALAHAD: Wow... How do you feel, my Lady?
GUINEVERE: I... I have never felt better!
However, I am not sure how I acquired these clothes...

Just then, Nimue stepped in and said;

NIMUE: I think I can explain that...

Guinevere was shocked when she saw the Lady of the Lake standing next to her.
She immediately bowed her head when she realised who she was.

NIMUE: Not only did I heal you, Lady Guinevere, but I gave you a gift, for all that you have done for Camelot.
You and your allies must now continue with your missions either together, or separately, The choice is yours...

Suddenly the lady disappeared in a flash, leaving the three knights to ponder.

Meanwhile, Sonic and Caliburn had just defeated the dragon that was said to have held several villagers hostage.
Realising that the appointed time to complete the mission set to him by the Lady of the Lake has run out, Sonic was walking back into the forest, with Caliburn in hand.

CALIBURN: The appointed time has now passed.
SONIC: Yeah, don't remind me!...

Just then, from out of the blue, they see the kid who told them of the dragon and the villagers stood before them.

SONIC: You've been waiting here the whole time? Sorry about that...
Good news, everyone's safe.
KID: Thank you, and sorry about tricking you...

All of a sudden, the kid begins to glow, and turns into the Lady of the Lake, Nimue;

NIMUE: You have shown courage, strength, and compassion.
SONIC: Huh? Then...
NIMUE: I shall show you how to blunt the power of Excalibur, because you are a true knight.
SONIC: Yes!...
My Sonic and the Black Knight Story, the full script version.

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