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Halloween Party Chaos

It was the morning of Halloween, and Sonic the hedgehog was helping his good
friend Robyn Prower by decorating her large living room for the themed fancy-
dress party she was hosting tonight. Also decorating the room were Robyn's
young brother Tails, Amy Rose, Knuckles the echidna, and also Cream & Cheese.
In the grand kitchen, Robyn and her sister Zoey were busy making the appetizers
for the party, while Sky the echidna and Braelyn Hallocloak were adding the
finishing touches to a huge orange/black cake they both had made for the occasion.
Once they had done, the pair stepped back and admired their handy work.

Braelyn: There, all finished!
Sky: I can not believe we got it ready in time, good job, Brae!

Sky gave her human friend a 'high-five'.

Braelyn: Right back ya, 'Mommy'!

Braelyn' joke made Sky laugh.

Being over five months pregnant, Sky was starting to look the part
of a mother-to-be:-

Her baby bump was clearly visible, and she had the lovely glow all
pregnant women have.
But it isn't always pleasant because as the baby inside her continues
to grow bigger, it has taken it toll on her body-
She now has back pains, headaches, occasional faintness/dizziness,
and with the heavier weight to carry, she struggles to walk long distances.
Despite all of that, she remains strong-willed and tries to be as
active as she can.

Braelyn: I can't believe you're almost half-way into the pregnancy already!
It doesn't seem too long ago since you told us all that you was expecting!

Braelyn said to Sky as she tenderly stroked her bump.
Then, Zoey walked up to the pair.

Zoey: I know! If it didn't sink in before, it must do now!
Sky: You're right, Zoey.
Not only that, but I have a doctor's appointment next week, and I'll
find out if the baby is a boy or a girl!

That news made the girls squeal in excitement, they stopped what they
were doing, they congratulated Sky and hugged her.

The sounds of the screams were heard by Sonic and the others, upon
hearing this,  they rushed into the kitchen to see what the commotion was about.

Sonic: Hey, are you girls alright?
Robyn: It's okay, Sonic. We just heard yours and Sky's good news.
Sonic: Oh right, you mean the appointment...
Sonic walked up to his wife and placed an arm round her waist.
Sonic: Hey, you. I thought you were supposed to be resting...
Sky: I know, but I couldn't sit around and do nothing, so I decided to help out here.

She and Braelyn showed him the cake they made.

Zoey: Don't worry, blue. We've been keeping an eye on her whist making the appetizers...
In fact, the ones in the oven are nearly done.
Braelyn changed the subject.
Braelyn: Speaking of 'one in the oven', what're you hoping the baby will be, Sonic?
Sonic: To be honest, I don't mind at all- As long as our baby is happy and healthy, we'll both love him, or her, either way!

Sonic's words made the girls go 'Awww!' and Sky gave him a kiss on the cheek.
Knuckles heard this, and said;

Knuckles: Please! Ever since you found out Sky was pregnant, you haven't stopped saying its gonna be a boy!
Sky: Oh, really?!

She turned to face her husband, who was feeling nervous by his wife's expression.

Sonic: I may have said that... Possibly...
Just then, he was interrupted by someone entering the kitchen- It was Shadow.
He heard what Sonic had said, and he said with a hint of sarcasm:

Shadow: The last thing this planet needs is another Sonic! At least if it is a girl, she'll have her mother's grace and beauty...

Sky smiled at what the black/red hedgehog had just said, as did the
other girls, but then he added;

Shadow: Not to mention her intelligence!
Sonic: What!?

Sonic shrieked at the last remark.

Sonic: Shut up, 'Faker'! No one asked you!
Sky: Sonic!

She could not believe what Sonic had just said.

Shadow: It's alright, Sky. Your husband doesn't seem to like it when sarcasm is thrown back at him!

Shadow replied, which only made Sonic angrier.

Sonic: I swear, if you don't button it right now, Shadow, I'll...
Shadow: You'll what! Do you seriously think that ridiculous threats are appropriate?
Do you think that your wife needs to hear this pathetic whining, especially in her condition!
Sonic: I'm glad you said Sky is MY wife, cuz for a moment there, you made it sound like she was YOUR wife!!

Sonic exclaimed in anger. Everyone around him was shocked by what he
had just said, especially Sky.

Sky: How can you say something like that?! I have no idea why you're being a jerk all of a sudden, but it stops NOW! You have to... Unngh!

Sky stopped suddenly when she felt a wave of pain in her bump.

Sonic: Sky, what's wrong?

Sonic quickly went to his wife's aid. She tried and hide the discomfort
she was in, but it was too obvious.

Sky: Nnghh... It's nothing, really. I'll be ... Agghh!
Braelyn: Come on, Sky, sit down...

She pulled up a chair for Sky to sit on. Tails handed her a glass of water.

Tails: Here...

Sky thanked him as she took a sip. Zoey walked up to her.

Zoey; How d'you feel now, hun?
Sky: Better, thanks... It's calming down...
Sonic: Sky, I am sorry. I didn't mean to upset you...

Sonic said to the female echidna, but she was not amused;

Sky: I need some time on my own. Excuse me...

Sky rose from the chair and left the kitchen. Sonic immediately went
after her, but was stopped by Shadow;

Shadow: Sonic, maybe you should give her some time to herself.
Sonic: Yeah? Well, maybe you should mind your own business!

Sonic brushed off Shadow and ran after his wife.

He soon caught up with Sky; In her condition, she did not manage to get
very far up the stairs. Sonic used his trademark speed and he stopped right
infront of her.

Sonic: Sky, please! I'm really sorry... I never wanted to upset you, but he deserved it!
I got so angry, I couldn't...

He said, but Sky interrupted him by saying;

Sky: I have nothing more to say to you, Sonic... Just leave me alone!

Sky walked around the blue hedgehog and carried on walking up the stairs.
Sonic stared at her until she was out of sight. He lowered his head,
feeling ashamed and guilty at what had just happened....

Many hours later, it was almost time for the Halloween party to begin,
and several guest had already arrived in their costumes-

Braelyn was dressed as an angel, wings and all.
Her fiancé Mathias was dressed as a knight;
It wasn't full-on armour from top-to-toe, but he looked dashing none the less.
Robyn was dressed as a sexy devil, and her sister Alustriel was a ninja,
wearing a navy blue variety rather than the usual black attire.

They were all waiting for the other guests to arrive, but until
that time arose, they talked and complimented each other's outfits.

Braelyn: Hey, Robyn. Loving the costume choice!

The grey fox complimented back.

Robyn: Thanks. You look great, too!
Mathias: She sure does!
Alustriel: Everyone has done such a good job. One question- Where is Zoey?
She is coming, isn't she?
Robyn: She is helping Sky with her costume, I'm sure that's what she told me...
Mathias: You know Zoey, she'll never want to miss out on an opportunity to dress-up!
Braelyn: By the way, what is she wearing tonight?
Robyn: No one knows! She wants it to be a surprise.
Mathias: So, is Sky any better? Braelyn told me what had happened earlier...

Mathias asked the girls in concern.

Robyn: Well, her previous pains have gone, which is good, but she and Sonic haven't
talked to each other since their argument...
Alustriel: You have to feel for them, it must not be easy for them, being first-time parents... Things would've been easier if they knew what to expect!

The others all nodded in agreement.

Just then, they could see Sonic walk down the stairs close to where
they were standing-
He wore a vampire costume, complete with fangs, fake blood running down his
mouth, and a long black cape flowing behind him.

Robyn: Hi, Sonic. Cool costume!
Sonic: Thanks, guys. You all look awesome!

Braelyn was the first to ask the blue hedgehog;

Braelyn: Have you seen Sky yet?

Sonic shook his head in dismay at that particular question.

Sonic: No, I've tried to all day, but she won't talk to me! Not that I blame her...       I've been such an idiot!

His friends could see how it was affecting the blue hedgehog by the
sad expression on his usually cheerful face, but Braelyn reassured him;

Braelyn; Aww, don't worry yourself, Blue. Sky'll talk to you when she's ready.
She can't stay mad at you forever...
After all, she is carrying your child!
Sonic: Yeah, I guess you're right... Thanks, guys!

Sonic gave his friends a 'thumbs-up'.
The group then noticed that Sonic was making his way back up the
stairs in a rush,

Robyn: Where are you going now?
Sonic: I'm gonna try and talk to Sky again.
I hate the thought of her being angry at me, and I wanna sort this out
before the party starts...

He replied as he raced up the stairs in a blink of an eye.

Meanwhile, Zoey had just finished putting on Sky's make-up:-

Sky was dressed as a mummy (Appropriate!), she wore an Egyptian-style
dress and jewellery, and she had bandages wrapped around her arms & legs
for the mummy effect.

Zoey had yet to put her costume on, because she wanted to keep it secret.

Now finished, she stood back to admire her work, and said to the pregnant echidna;

Zoey: There. You look so pretty, even with all of those bandages!
Sky: You have done such an excellent job, Zoey... Thank you!

Sky turned to her friend and gave her a hug.

Zoey: You are welcome... Now to put my costume on!

Zoey was making her way out of the room when Sky asked her friend;

Sky: Wait, won't you tell me what you are going to wear...
I will keep it a secret, I promise...
Zoey: Sorry, Sky. I am not gonna say anything, you'll just have to wait till later!

Zoey replied shortly before leaving the room.

Now on her own, Sky stood next to the full-view mirror and she inspected
her costume to make sure she looked the part.
The clever addition to her outfit was that the bump area had some padding
to protect it and also to make it more comfortable for her.

Sky could now hear the music downstairs, which meant the party had started.
She was about to make her way out of the room when suddenly, the door knocked.
The female echidna walked up to the door and she opened it, only to see the
one person she did not want to see....

Sky the echidna opened the door to see her husband Sonic the hedgehog
standing before her in his vampire attire.
She was about to slam the door shut when he prodded his foot forward
to stop the door from closing.

Sonic: Hey, honey. I know you're probably still angry at me, but I... I...

Sonic paused as he noticed her outfit and her perfectly made-up face:-
She had her usual make-up around her eyes, but it was turquoise rather than
the usual light blue colour.
Her black eye-liner was done in a fitting Egyptian-style, which actually
suited her (considering that she was cloned from an ancient echidna goddess).
She also had a touch of blusher on her cheeks, and pale pink lip-gloss to
finish her look.

Sonic: Woah! Sky... You look stunning!

Sonic complimented his wife, but she still was in no mood to talk to
him after what had happened earlier on today and she told him bluntly;

Sky: Hmph! Flattery will NOT stop me from being mad at you, Sonic!

Sky then tried to maneuver around Sonic, but he stopped her by grabbing
her hand to stop her from leaving.

Sonic: Please, hear me out, Sky...

He let go of her arm and then knelt down in front of her, now grasping
both of her hands firmly with his, he then added;

Sonic: I realize that I have been such a jerk lately, but I promise you,
I will spend every moment trying to make it up to you.
Hopefully, this will be a start...

He paused as he let go of one of her hands to reach into a secret pocket
in his vampire cloak, and he pulled out a single red rose he had picked-up
shortly after they had their argument.
Sonic handed her the rose with his free hand, and he added;

Sonic: So what do you say, Sky... Will you forgive me?

Sky stared down at her husband:-

She could clearly see the sincerity in his emerald green eyes, and the
expression on his face told her that he was truly sorry for his actions.

Sky: I forgive you, Sonic... I can't kneel down beside you, or I won't be
able to get up again on my own!

She joked to him. He grinned as he got back up, and he threw his arms
around his wife, and she did the same.
After their embrace, Sky suggested to her husband;

Sky: Sonic, we should go to the party now...
I am sure everyone is wondering where we are.
Sonic: You're right, honey. C'mon, let's go.

Sonic once again held Sky's hand, and the pair made their way to the party.

Meanwhile, the Halloween party was really starting-

The music was banging, pretty much everyone had arrived, all dressed up as
an individual scary monster of some sort, and were either dancing,
eating, or generally chatting to each other.
Robyn and Braelyn were anxiously waiting in the hallway for Sonic and Sky,
and also Zoey. But they were more concerned about the couple in particular.
Braelyn said to the grey fox next to her;

Braelyn: I sure hope they've made-up, It's always a shame when they argue!
Robyn: Me, too. After everything they have been through, and are going through now,
they should forget about such a stupid fight...

Robyn paused as she could hear someone coming down the stairs-
It was Sonic and Sky.

Robyn: Guys! You made up!

Robyn rushed towards the couple and gave them both a hug.

Sky: I couldn't stay mad at him forever. Besides, we didn't want our fight to
ruin your party!

Sky said to the girls. The magenta echidna then added, complimenting their looks;

Sky: By the way, I love your costumes!
Braelyn: Thanks, Sky. You look wonderful yourself!

Sonic then said with a huge grin on his face;

Sonic: I agree. Even when she's pregnant, she still manages to look so hot!
Am I a lucky guy, or what?

Both Braelyn and Robyn said out loud, at the same time;

Braelyn & Robyn: Yeah... VERY lucky!
Sonic: HEY!

Sonic shouted, making all three girls laugh out loud.

Braelyn: Sorry, Sonic... We couldn't resist...

Braelyn told her blue friend, with a cheeky grin on her face.
Then, Robyn exclaimed excitedly;

Robyn: Anyway... Enough chatter, let's get this party started!
Sky: Wait. I think this party is going to get a whole lot wilder-
Look at this!

Sky told the group, pointing to whatever it was that caught her eye:-

They saw Zoey was making her way down the stairs, in her outrageous costume.
She was dressed as Lady Gaga
(She wore a similar outfit to what she wore on her Poker Face video.)

Robyn asked her sister in a mixture of amazement and confusion;

Robyn; Oh, my... Zoey, what the heck are you wearing?!
Zoey: I thought it was obvious, I'm Lady Gaga!

She gave a little twirl to show-off her outfit from all angles.
Sky was the first to compliment her friend's look;

Sky: It certainly is unique... Great job, Zoey!
Zoey: Aww, you're so sweet, thanks!...
Right, come on, people... Let's party!"

They all cheered as they made their way to the party.

The party had now been going on for several hours, and everyone was
enjoying themselves. Some of them were now bobbing for apples,
some were stuffing their faces with food, drink, or cake.

The other guests, such as Sonic and Sky, were still dancing the night away.
They were having a wonderful time, until Sky suddenly stopped dancing,
and clutched her baby bump.

Sonic asked his wife in concern;

Sonic: Sky, what is it?
Sky: Nnngh... The pain, it's come back... Only it's much worse than... U-unngh!
Sonic, you don't think... Something is wrong with our baby?!?

Sky panicked, reeling in agony at the mere thought of that.

Sonic: Shh... It's gonna be okay, honey. Come on, you'd better get some rest...

Sonic suggested as he picked her up, carrying her in his arms 'bridal-style',
he ran out of the party room, past the stairs, and they arrived inside one of
the many rooms in Robyn's large house.

Once inside, Sonic gently placed his wife onto the bed. He sat next to her,
softly stroking her face with one hand whilst holding her hand with the other.

He then asked her;

Sonic: How are you feeling now, beautiful?
Sky: It's easing a little, but it will not go away!

She said in concern for her unborn child. Sonic reassured her by adding;

Sonic: Trust me, Sky- Nothing bad is gonna happen to you, or our baby!
Listen, I'll get you a drink... If you're still in pain by the time I get back,
I'll call a doctor, okay?
Sky: Alright, Sonic...

Sky replied to him gratefully.
As she watched her husband leave the room, she began to lie down on
to the bed, adjusting herself to make herself more comfortable.
She then rested her head on the pillow.
After a short while, she slowly started to doze-off, and before she knew it,
she was fast asleep with her arms wrapped protectively around her bump.

When Sonic returned to the room with a drink for Sky, he noticed that she
had fallen asleep.
He smiled and, seeing how peaceful his wife looked, he slowly shut the door
to let her rest, while he went back downstairs to the party.

Little did Sonic realize was that a mysterious shadowy figure was waiting
patiently for him to leave the room:-

Whoever this stranger was, he wore the exact same costume as the blue hedgehog.
Once Sonic was out of plain sight, the mysterious stranger started to make his
way into the room that Sky was resting in...

Meanwhile, back at the party, everyone was now sitting down either on the
sofas or the chairs, listening to Lady Gaga (Oops, I mean Zoey XD) tell them a
scary story.
Sonic came in as she was almost coming to a particularly frightening
part of the story, he sat down on the nearest available seat, next to the Chaotix,
and started listening to Zoey's creepy tale.

While everyone listened intently, upstairs, the mysterious stranger had creeped
up next to the bed where Sky lay.
The moonlight shone from the nearby window, giving light to the dark room,
and also revealing the identity of the stranger:-

It was none other than the infamous, evil vampire hedgehog Aero!

He had somehow sneaked into Robyn's house, and up the stairs,
patiently waiting for his moment to strike.
He gazed at her for several seconds, and then said in an eerily
quiet tone of voice;

Aero: Heh, heh, heh! Sky the echidna, you truly are a breath-taking beauty!
I bet Sonic thanks his lucky stars to have found a rare treasure such as yourself...

Aero carefully stroked her face to move the few dreadlocks that were
close to her face, revealing her neck.
He leaned even closer to her, they were no more than a few inches apart.

Aero: It is such a pity I have to end your life! But you should look on the bright side...

Aero had a huge grin smirked across his face when Sky unintentionally
began to stir in her sleep, and she moved into a different position,
giving him the perfect opportunity to attack her.

Aero: You would make a lovely vampire...
But first, I must have a taste, to sustain my blood-thirsty appetite!...

Aero was just about to bite her when all of a sudden, Sky was starting to
wake up from her slumber...

While all of this was happening, downstairs, Zoey was continuing with her story,
which was almost reaching its climax.

Zoey: So, she walked into the room and found... Nothing, but a mirror.
She was staring into her own reflection, and thinking this was some kind of joke,
she made her way to leave the room, but the door wouldn't open!
She panicked, desperately trying to break down the door, but it was no use!
Just then, while she wasn't looking, a shadow appeared from out of the mirror...
It had a knife in it's hand, and was now creeping up to her, and then....

Suddenly, before Zoey could finish her story, everyone heard a deafening
scream from out of nowhere!

Knuckles: Wh... What in the heck was that!?!
Robyn: Was THAT part of the story, Zoey...
To scare the living daylights out of us?!

Robyn said to her sister, but she was just as freaked-out as the others were;

Zoey: No, that wasn't my idea! I have no idea where that scream came from...
Tails: It sounded like it came from upstairs...

Then eventually, for Sonic, it started to sink in;

Sonic: SKY!!

Sonic shouted and he raced up the stairs at incredible speed, followed by
some of the guests.

When they arrived at the room, they opened the door, and all were shocked a
t the sight before them:-

Sky was now awake, and she was desperately trying to fight off Aero,
who was not going to stop until he had a taste of his victim.
Noticing he and Sky were not alone any more, Aero changed his gaze from Sky
to one person in particular, and he said coldly;

Aero: Ah, Sonic... I was wondering when you would show-up to save Sky.
Unfortunately, I am afraid you're too late to stop me...

He paused, never changing his gaze, and added;

Aero: For far too long, Sonic, you have stopped me from claiming Robyn as
my immortal lover!
Every single time, you and your companions have somehow refused me what
is rightfully mine!
Now, I shall take my revenge by taking away something that is so precious to you!
This should hit you where it hurts...
Although I reckon this will hurt your beautiful wife more!!

Aero's razor-sharp fangs were now visible, and he was about to bite Sky when suddenly,
she used every ounce of strength she had in her to deliver a swift kick to his stomach.
The sudden attack made the vampire recoil in pain.
He pushed her back and tried to get his breath back, giving Sonic the ideal chance:-

Sonic pounced on Aero, forcing him off the bed, and repeatedly started punching him furiously.
He growled as he continued his onslaught;

Sonic: You ba$*rd!
If you've hurt Sky or my baby in ANY way, I will tear you apart!!

While that was happening, the group watched on:-

They had never seen him so angry in all of the time they had known him.
Shadow and Robyn entered the room and, seeing that Sonic had everything
under control, they decided to check on Sky.
They both walked up to the bed where she lay on her side, with her
back facing them.
Both Shadow and Robyn were very concerned that she was motionless,
despite all that was going on around her.

Shadow: Sky?... Sky, can you hear me?... Wake up!...

Shadow gently shook her to try and get a response out of her,
but she remained still and said nothing.
Concerned for the pregnant echidna, Robyn asked her boyfriend;

Robyn: I'm worried, Shadow... Why isn't she moving? Is she still breathing?!

He fell silent for several seconds, and all that he could say was;

Shadow: I... I don't know!...

Shadow moved Sky's body so that he could check exactly what was wrong with her.
Now that she was laying on her back, the black/red hedgehog could check her
for a pulse, it was good.
Then he checked to see if she was breathing, which she was.
He could also clearly see no injuries on her, only a few bruises from when
Aero attacked her earlier.
Other than that, she appeared to be in one piece.

Shadow: I think she may have fainted after she attacked Aero.
She's going to be fine.

Shadow told Robyn and the group outside of the room, much to their relief.

At this time, Sonic had just finished beating Aero to a pulp:-

He was laying on the floor, in agony and with a multitude of wounds.
Feeling defeated and not to mention humiliated, Aero got up, pushed Sonic away,
and said to him;

Aero: Grr! You will pay for this, Sonic!
Mark my words, when you least suspect it, you and your precious family WILL pay!!"

Aero suddenly vanished right infront of them, in the blink of an eye.

Ignoring the evil vampire hedgehog's threat, Sonic rose to his feet and he
immediately rushed to his wife's bedside.
He tried to wake her up, but nothing happened.

Sonic: Sky? Honey...

Robyn reassured her friend as she walked up to him.
She put her arm around him to comfort him;

Robyn: It's okay, Blue- She fainted, that's all.
She just needs to rest and take it easy...
Sonic: Thanks, Robyn...

He then turned to face Shadow, and said;

Sonic: ... You too, Shadow. Thanks for helping Sky...

Sonic's last sentence surprised Shadow, even after their fight earlier
this morning, he had managed to put the past behind him for Sky's sake.
The black/red hedgehog replied nobly;

Shadow: You're welcome...

He then added;

Shadow: I propose that we all leave, and let them be alone for a moment...

Robyn agreed with her boyfriend, and she suggested;

Robyn: Good idea. After all of this, we need something to lighten the mood...
Anyone for cake?

Everyone agreed, and they all made their way back down the stairs to the party.
Shadow closed the door behind him as he left the room, leaving only Sonic and
Sky in the room.

When they had all gone, Sonic removed his cloak and fake fangs,
and he lay next to Sky.
A few moments later, she was slowly starting to open her eyes, and she awoke
soon after to see the one person she wanted to see:-

Her loving husband by her side!

Sonic: Hey you, how are you feeling?
Sky: Much better now that you're here...

She leaned forwards and kissed Sonic on the lips.

Sonic: Not that I didn't enjoy that... But what was THAT for?!

Sky smiled at him and she replied;

Sky: That was for being such an amazing husband to me...
And I am sure you will become a brilliant father to our son or daughter!

Sonic smiled back at his lovely wife, and he said whilst gently placing
his hand on her bump;

Sonic: Yeah, and you're gonna be an amazing mother!
No matter what our child will be, he or she will always be loved by the both of us!...

He paused to return her favour, and the pair shared a passionate kiss.
Their love for each other burned like an ongoing flame that no-one could ever extinguish.

The End.
This is the full script version of Halloween Party Chaos.

Hopefully, it should be easier to read now... :)

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Written-Violinist Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
YAY! Just a small note, you misspelled Mathius's name. Other than that, YAY!
Sky-The-Echidna Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am glad you like it, although you are so much better at writing than I am. :)
Apologies for getting his name wrong...
Written-Violinist Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Aww, shucks. I'm so glad you think that! I think you're still pretty good at writing, as obviously shown. And it's all right, it's not an easy name to spell half the time XD
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