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* Here is my gallery of all my artwork, be it Sonic, other Sega characters, Nintendo characters, or whatever else I come up with!*

All pictures are traditionally done, with paper, a mechanical pencil (0.5), and a fine liner pen and are coloured with either coloured/watercolour pencils, felt-tip pens, or watercolour/acrylic paints. :)

(Most of it will probably contain my Sonic fan character, Sky the echidna).

Hope you all enjoy my artwork, and feel free to place your thoughts on the ones you like or hate!



A varied selection of artwork/literature I adore!

You MUST check them out!! XD

Random from Todstar's Stories

All of this work is by my amazing boyfriend, the equally awesome Todstar-

These are amazing stories that I do comic covers for him.

I strongly URGE you to check out his collection of stories!

Random from Gifts_Commissions For Me

They're so awesome!!

*Art Status-Please Read!*

*Are your Requests open?

No, they are permanently closed because I take FOREVER to finish them!

(The ONLY exceptions are the contributions to the OneHourSonic and the Chaos On Mobius groups.)

*Do you do points commissions?

Yes, but there is so much demand, you need to check future journals for more details.
Here are the points commissions I am currently doing-

*Mixedfan8643- Princess Matilda meeting Sky

*Mastergamer20- Sally meeting Sky

*Do you do gifts/Art trades?

They are for close friends only. :)

*You've been tagged! XD

I am too busy for that, so if I do not reply back to people who have tagged me, I am not being ignorant...

Bio - Sky The Echidna 2014



Name: (Project:) Sky ('Sora' is her predecessor's name)

Race: Artificially-processed transgenic Black Arm echidna
(Speculation: Sky is most likely modeled after a short nosed echidna, since that is the most common, well-known species of echidna.)

Gender: Female

Age: N/A; Sky does not age.
(Sky's chronological age may very well be about 3000 as indicated by the ancient manuscripts found by Dr Eggman several years ago, and also by the fact that the remains she was cloned from are from that time period.)

Physical Age: 16
(This makes sense, since she, Espio and Knuckles are somewhat alike.)

Date of Birth: Unknown
(This is due to the fact that she was artificially created from Sora's remains, not born. The actual date when Eggman had actually finished cloning her is unknown.)

Birthplace: Unknown. (She was cloned inside one of Dr Eggman's special bases. Her predecessor, Sora, lived on an unknown island that used to be habited by her ancient echidna clan. That said island is shrouded in mystery.)

Height: Just over 100 centimeters (3 feet and 3 inches or exactly 3.28 feet)

Weight: Just under 35 kilograms (About 77.2 pounds)

Ability Type: N/A (Presumably Power or Speed)

Alignment: Hero (In the beginning, it was more Neutral)

Physical Techniques:

(1). Chaos Punch
Description: Using her Chaos powers, Sky's hands are covered in pure Chaos energy, but only for a limited time. In that time, she can deliver more powerful punches to unsuspecting enemies.

(2). Chaos Kick
Description: Using her Chaos powers, Sky is covered in pure Chaos energy, but only for a limited time. In that time, she can deliver more powerful kicks to unsuspecting enemies.

(3). Chaos Swift
Description: An alternative version of Shadow's Chaos Spear, Sky raises her hand and can throw down a large array of highly destructive pale blue streams of chaos energy at her opponent. This attack either damages the opponent or stuns them, depending how it is used. In her Super form, Sky is able to charge up and shoot a single, yet more powerful 'Spear'.

(4). Chaos Control
Description: With the use of a single Chaos Emerald and, at times, her own life-force, Sky is able to warp time and space and teleport to a desired destination, as well as manipulate time by freezing it, speeding it up, or slowing it down. She can also damage her enemies by ramming them whilst teleporting. If Sky uses Chaos Control at the same time as another, she can use the resulting tear in space-time continuum to travel through time. Whilst in super form, Chaos Control is more potent, to the point that she can teleport massively sized objects.

(5). Chaos Blast
Description: Sky is able to unleash a highly destructive ball of energy around her, either with use of a single Chaos Emerald, or her own life-force (Though the latter drains more of her energy). This blast spreads and eliminates nearly everything in a 5-10 yard radius.

(6). Heal
Description: Sky can use her special powers to heal anyone & even herself, with the 'touch of her hand/s'. If she is injured, she can naturally recover/heal much quicker than seemingly normal to her allies.

Abilities and Aptitude:

*Knuckles, Sky, and Rouge are rivals when it comes to their power. But where Knuckles has most of his power in his strong arms and fists of fury, and Rouge's power is in her shapely legs and feet, Sky is an all-rounder. She uses her fists/feet for almost all of her offensive tactics.

*Though she can't compare with Knuckles, Sky has great physical strength for a woman, capable of lifting objects many times her weight and size and flipping/tossing them with relative ease.

*Is highly adept in many forms of martial arts, making her a formidable opponent.

*She is an experienced swimmer. She can hold her breath for a decent amount of time.

*Like Shadow, Sky has an incredible resilience to damage as it takes a LOT of major punishment for her to go down for the count. Even then, she recovers rather fast indeed.

*Given her Ultimate Life-Form status, she may also be completely immune to disease and she does not physically age.

*By removing two, or even all four of her golden rings (2 on each of her wrists), Sky can release tremendous amounts of energy that were "held back" by the rings in a speedy dash that appears to be able to obliterate almost anything in her path.

*Can be pretty fast when she needs to be (How she can run anywhere with those big-heeled boots is beyond me!).

Transformations/Alternate forms:

*Has the ability to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds and transform into Super Sky, where her fur turns to a glossy, light blue color, she is impervious to damage, and is many times as fast and powerful along with the ability to fly. Super Sky is reliant on rings to sustain this form and, in some cases, even activate it. Maintaining this form even with rings consumes extreme amounts of energy and Sky can only sustain it for relatively short periods of time. When this form was first activated, Sky found it difficult to stay in the form, due to her inexperience.

Hobbies and Talents:

*Sky is an excellent martial artist, specializing in many different varieties, including kickboxing.

*Although Shadow seems to be the most talented when tapping into the powers of the Chaos Emeralds, Sky is also able to do so. She is quite adept with Chaos Control and possesses an extensive array of Chaos Energy-related supernatural powers and abilities.

*She likes to study medicines in her spare time, and hopes to one day learn to take care of people without having to use her healing powers.

*Is quite talented with many types of Extreme Gear.


*Can be slightly gullible at times.

*Her energy is drained when using too much of her powers without the aid of a Chaos Emerald.

*Is known to have a short temper (Especially when it comes to Dr Eggman).

*Is probably too willing to put her life on the line when someone she cares about is in danger. Furthermore, she will use her healing powers on others, even if she needs to use them on herself.

*She can be very stubborn and at times a little bit naieve.

Physical Appearance:

*Close-lying, magenta pink coloured fur (with sky blue make-up on eyes).

*9 quite long magenta pink dreadlock-like quills hanging from around her head, the shortest at the back of her head. (Usually, most echidnas have 7 dreadlocks.)

*A mixture of sky blue & cerulean blue on each front dreadlock, opposite colours on each side.

*Fierce looking eyes with light blue/cyan coloured irises, black pupils and glassy white sclera.

*Magenta pink eyelids with a long, one thick black lash on each eyelid, and a small lash on the bottom of each eye.

*Magenta pink skinned voluptuous and feminine body.

*Long-snouted, peach skin muzzle.

*Pointed, shiny black nose with no apparent nostrils.

*Long tail that is bent angularly in two places.


*Contoured, skin-tight sky blue jumpsuit in an asymmetric style, that covers her from the chest down, and exposes her right arm and upper chest.

*A cerulean blue corset that covers the middle of her bodysuit with bits of sky blue
on it.

*Wears a pair of cerulean blue fingerless gloves.

*Cerulean blue long-stocking high-heel boots with a thick heel.

*4 rings- 2 Inhibitor rings, 2 power rings.

Personality Details:

Sky is one of the strongest females in Sonic's team due to her unique powers, which are a mixture of Chaos powers (similar to those of Shadow the hedgehog), and her own special healing abilities (from her 'previous life'), plus her own martial arts skills.
She is fearless, but isn't cocky about her abilities, like Sonic, but knows when is the right time to use them in a crisis.
She can be slightly gullible at times (not to Knuckles' extent), but is kind and caring to her friends, and would easily put them first without considering her own welfare or safety. She is also extremely loyal, and always determined to protect those she cares about from danger.
She has been known to have a temper at times, such as when Sonic and Knuckles argue and fight over nothing, or when Eggman comes up with another dangerously insane scheme, but she is generally a strong-willed, very smart, calm & confident woman who is quick to trot, and remains calm in the most uncertain of predicaments.
Ever since Sky broke away from her creator Dr Eggman's control, she now enjoys her newly found freedom and independence, appreciating the beautiful wonders of the world.
Most of Sonic's friends & the blue hedgehog himself always compliment Sky about her feminine charm, her grace and beauty. She does not see herself in the same way that they do, and therefore modestly wonders what exactly they all see in her 'stunningly good looks'.
Sky believes that women can be just as capable at most things than men, despite there are more guys in the Sonic universe than girls.
Even though Sky would usually say what is on her mind, she seems to keep certain feelings to herself-
Especially her thoughts about how & why she was created, and whatever reasons Dr Eggman had for using the mummified remains/DNA of the goddess Sora and Black Doom's blood/DNA sample to create her. There are also so many undiscovered things about her 'origins' that even she has no clue about!

Historical Biography:
Sky the echidna is the very first artificially modified clone created by the evil genius
Dr Eggman-
During the last battle with Sonic, Dr Eggman accidentally crash-landed on a mysterious unknown island. As he explored the island, the demented scientist soon came across an ancient tomb made thousands of years ago. He entered the tomb to find several artifacts of a lost echidna civilization (similar to Knuckles' tribe) and a sarcophagus containing the mummified remains of an ancient echidna goddess.
After studying the many ancient wall-paintings, Eggman saw the perfect opportunity to use these 'treasures' for his own purpose-
So he stole pretty much everything inside the tomb, from the wall paintings to the mummy, and he destroyed everything else to hide any evidence of its existence.

Dr Eggman used his findings, along with Professor Gerald's diary & data of his past experiments aboard the Space Colony ARK, plus the last remaining sample of the blood/DNA of Black Doom (The same that was used to create Shadow), to create a clone of what this goddess would look like in this day and age and that is how Sky was created.
She is known as the second 'Ultimate-Lifeform', and was intended by Dr Eggman to be a 'weapon of mass destruction' alongside his other latest creation, called Metal Chaos.
She was made to believe that she had lost her memory and that she was the only survivor of her tribe, who, along with the unknown island they lived on all of those years ago, were wiped out in mysterious circumstances (mainly Eggman destroying all of the evidence while keeping the interesting parts for himself).
He also made her believe that he was the 'good guy', but once she finally found out the truth, she totally despised the doctor and she now makes it her mission to stop any & all of his crazy plans for world domination.

When she first met Sonic and his friends, she was their enemy since being told by Eggman that they had a part in the destruction of her island and her people, so she stopped at nothing to put an end to them. After being captured by the demented scientist, with Sky's help, Eggman felt that she would join Sonic's team if she ever found out who or what she was, so he sent her on a mission to collect the remaining Chaos Emeralds to prove her loyalty, while he took care of his prisoners.
What he didn't realize was that while he was too busy monologging to Sonic about how he created Sky, she had heard the truth about her ' true origins' through the wrist-communicator she was given by Eggman, and now she wanted revenge.
She is still unsure about how she was created, but she aims to find out someday.

Although Sky is now good friends with Sonic and company, it wasn't always that way to begin with-
She had spent a lot of time gaining their trust after being their enemy for so long, but since Sonic was already so trusting of her (and the fact that he was instantly attracted to her the moment he saw her) not to mention how shocked they were about the way Eggman had treated her, they soon followed and are now all glad to have her as their ally.
When it comes to her abilities, she is just as powerful as Sonic and Shadow, yet although she is indeed very fast in her own right, she is nowhere near as speedy compared the two hedgehogs.
Speaking of the two hedgehogs, Sky is caught in a complicated love triangle between Sonic and Shadow-
She is torn, and so is struggling to choose whichever one to be her perfect match. Although she has known Sonic longer & loves his desire for freedom and personality, she is drawn to Shadow due to his mysterious nature & their unique 'link', both being Ultimate Life-forms.
Despite all of the unanswered questions going through her mind about her creation and her true purpose in her 'second life', Sky is truly a valuable ally to have in anyone's team, and she is also one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.

Personal Information:
Family: Although Sky has no living family, she considers Knuckles her "brother". Due to their similarities, she also has a close bond with Shadow.
(Sora doesn't count, since she and Sky are technically the same person...)

Greatest Friend(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E123 Omega.

Other Friend(s): Amy Rose, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon, Charmy Bee, Silver the Hedgehog, Blaze the Cat, Cream the Rabbit & Cheese.

Love Interest(s): Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog (Although she would never admit it to him or anyone else), Knuckles the Echidna (But only as a brother).

Rival(s): Amy Rose (Simply because of her 'relationship' with Sonic, and that she thinks that Sky is taking him away from her...), Shadow the Hedgehog (Due to the fact that they're both Ultimate Life-Forms).

Foe(s): Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Metal Sonic, Dr. Eggman Nega, anyone who tries to hurt her friends, etc.

Likes: Her new found independance/freedom, practicing her fighting skills, the beauty of nature, etc.

Main Dislikes: Oppression, injustice, sadness (especially if it's one-sided), seeing others cry/unhappy, watching Sonic & Knuckles argue and fight over something stupid, those with immoral thoughts or evil intentions, anybody who seems to lack feelings or a conscience, being bored, etc.

Hobbies: Hanging out with her friends, working out to keep her impressive physique, spending time with Sonic, etc.

Favorite Food(s): Unknown.

Favorite Color(s): N/A. (Probably several shades of blue?)

Favorite Music Genre(s): Unknown.

Occupation: N/A. (She has been known to assist G.U.N on several occasions.)

Place of Residence: Unknown. (She often visits Angel Island, and Knuckles says that she is always welcome there anytime she wishes.)


Sky-The-Echidna's Profile Picture
Melissa Stanhope
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom

Sky The Echidna Fan Button by Sophiecinders14…

V2 by SaphiraLovesShadow

I have been drawing since I was about 6 years old, and I haven't stopped since!
You name it, i doodled on it, from school books, to my bedroom door!

I've been a HUGE fan of Sonic the Hedgehog since I was almost 4 years old
(I'm 29 now so it's fair to say I've been a fan for a long time!), and I've also been playing games consoles since I was about 4!

I've had plenty of consoles since then, my first was a Sega Master System I, and I now have a Wii, a Wii U, a 3DS XL, an Xbox 360, and a sky blue Gameboy Advance SP I personalised myself (I still have my old MegaDrive, too!).

(*My birthday is actually 21st June. My cousin helped me set-up & activate my DA account, cuz I'm useless with computers, but he put the wrong birthday! XD*)

Personal Quote: "Live life with a smile and to the fullest/If you can, try and laugh at least once every day!"



TodSky Forever!!


Nintendo 3DS Friend Code- 0533-4189-8878…


I'm running short on ideas... Who would you like me to draw? 

16 deviants said Only Sky
9 deviants said Only Sora
9 deviants said Sky VS...
8 deviants said Only Seducia
6 deviants said TodStar and Sora
6 deviants said Any other ideas (please give details/ideas/honest comments)
5 deviants said Sky and TodStar
1 deviant said TodSky VS...
No deviants said Only TodStar
No deviants said TodStar VS...


I'm running short on ideas... Who would you like me to draw?
16 deviants said Only Sky
9 deviants said Only Sora
9 deviants said Sky VS...
8 deviants said Only Seducia
6 deviants said TodStar and Sora
6 deviants said Any other ideas (please give details/ideas/honest comments)
5 deviants said Sky and TodStar
1 deviant said TodSky VS...
No deviants said Only TodStar
No deviants said TodStar VS...
Redraw- Sky/Sora, Two Souls, One Ultimate Lifeform
Another re-draw of an old picture. 
Obviously, I've changed Sora's outfit throughout the years, as you can tell... 

Here's the original picture, to compare. ;)
Sky/Sora- Two Souls, One Ultimate Lifeform by Sky-The-Echidna

I'll post something new as soon as I find the inspiration... ;D
So, what are your thoughts on my newest villain Seducia?
11 deviants said Please give honest reasons/comments
Todd's Anniversary Gift 2016
This is an anniversary gift for my sweet, loving boyfriend, Todd (A.K.A. TheTodStar). Hug 

Hope you like it, sweetie... ;) Heart 

My And Todd's 3rd Anniversary

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 1:16 PM
Hi, everyone. I hope that you are all well. ;)

Tomorrow is mine and Todd's 3rd anniversary together. My goodness it's gone by quickly!

I remember it like it was only yesterday... :heart:

I have loved each and every single moment together with my lovely boyfriend, and despite the time difference and distance, i don't want to be with anyone else...I Love You Emote

I love you so gosh darn much, Todd! With all of my heart and soul!! :heart::love:I Love You Emote

BTW, I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! :heart:


My plans for the remainder of 2016-

1. My job REALLY keeps me busy;

I always have long shifts because I am in charge of the home, seasonal, pet & party items, which means it will take more of my time.
Don't worry, though, I will get as much of my art done as I possibly can! ;) (Wink)

2. I will be EXTREMELY busy with a couple of 'secret projects' I am working on at the moment...

3. My Sonic Comic and Sky's Origins are on Hiatus for now... But they WILL return!

4. I no longer do ANY requests anymore! I only do cover pages/contributions for Chaos On Mobius (Stories from my talented boyfriend, Todd) simply because I haven't enough time to do them AND also do my own art/comics!

5. Continue to spend as much time as possible with my amazingly talented boyfriend Todd (A.K.A. TheTodstar!). We chat/video chat to each other constantly, but hopefully we will get to chat more when m work shifts are more reasonable... ;) (Wink)

6. All of my comics should get much better, so keep your eyes out for those!

7. Hopefully start more new comics, whether they be short ones or epic ones! :) (Smile)

8. Obviously carry on with my art and other stuff, and whatever else my imagination can come up with!


  • Listening to: Anything with decent lyrics/tunes...
  • Reading: Whatever I feel like at the time...
  • Watching: Studio Ghibli films, Comedy, Chinese films, etc
  • Playing: Most Sonic games, most Mario games, etc.
  • Eating: Whatever I fancy at the time...
  • Drinking: Whatever I fancy at the time...


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